Hurricane Sandy

For the past 3 days New York has been abuzz about Hurricane Sandy. There were bouncers at our local grocery store in Morningside Heights, controlling incoming customers as the whole neighborhood prepared for days without food or power. Other businesses closed early and the MTA subways shut down at 7 pm on Sunday, October 28, with buses also ceasing at 9 pm. 

On Monday, October 29, the majority of employed folks were instructed not to go to work. Churches were not open, nor were coffee shops, universities, or schools. Police stations, hospitals, and some grocery stores remained open. I did not have to go to work on Monday, October 29, or Tuesday October 30. Buses resumed Tuesday on a Sunday schedule and tomorrow, October 31, full bus service is expected to resume. Subway service is still suspended indefinitely.

I am very grateful that our building, and our neighborhood in general retained power and water, of which could not be said of pretty much all of lower Manhattan, along with parts of the other boroughs. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power and water after an explosion Monday night in one of the Con Edison substations. Cellular telephone service was also affected.  

But it was business as usual in upper Manhattan. A few fallen trees and awnings, but no serious damage, gratefully! My heart goes out to those who are in unfavorable conditions or who have lost material things or loved ones. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I believe the whole city is hoping to clean what damage occurred up, get our infrastructure back online, and to get back to being great and confident. God bless!

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