East River Plaza Excursion

Over the weekend I decided to check out the new(ish) Target that opened at East River Plaza on 116th St. at the FDR Drive. I hopped on the M60 and walked from 125th and 2nd Avenue the rest of the way. 

East River Plaza is just around the corner from Patsy’s; a delicious slice experience now celebrating it’s 75th anniversary. I ate a slice and headed into the store to do my shopping worst.

There was so much stuff! Not only Target; but Petsmart, CostCo, Old Navy, Best Buy, anything you could want. The walkways between the parking lot attached to the structure and the store entrances looked so futuristic.

Inside Target I scored a couple of cute Mossimo tops, a dress I’m not sure about yet, and a sweet backpack for a certain 5th-grader I know. The line to get out was brutal; but well worth the fun. I spent so much time in Target that I didn’t get a chance to check out Old Navy. Next time.

Looking for a bus to the West Side I stumbled across the Annual Gigli di Sant’Antonia Feast, a beautiful carnival on Pleasant Avenue between 114th and 116th St. Carnivals are hard to come by in Manhattan; and this one was lovely. They had a huge statue of Saint Anthony as part of the food, fun, and attractions. Love it!

I could not find the right bus to get across town; note to self: look up the M116 route. So I lugged all my purchases back to the UWS on foot. I did pass by some extremely attractive apartment buildings on 110 & 5th Avenue though. One’s called The Heritage: the other houses will house the Musuem for African Art, among other things.

I also saw this block of houses on 110th St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenues; they were so out of place. Just teeny, tiny, 3-story houses in between all these tall apartment buildings. Crazy! I can’t wait to go back and do some more exploring; I may even get a CostCo Membership!

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