Back in China after a three year hiatus. Ate more shrimp than someone should. Tried the Chinese version of icy hot wraps for my neck pain. Tried summer berries flavored Haagen Daaz, and classic milk, both not available in the US. Saw a beautiful skyline, the Yuyuan Gardens. Saw beautiful Fuxing Park, where old folk were playing badminton. It’s so big and full of people. They have tv screens on the outside of the train–in the subway tunnels, where you can buy advertising. And there are shoe stores and clothing stores and jewelry stores everywhere. Good times all around–they have green tea flavored soft serve at McDonald’s there! Not like home though; Saw an old colleage buddy in Hong Kong. More English spoken there, though navigating the city is crazy (escalators!). Definitely wouldn’t want to travel there on a budget though. Hiking was beautiful on Lantau Island! Very nice people! But no Netflix, Instagram, Google, or Facebook took its toll. Check out my pics!

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