Alaska & Seattle

I took a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska last week to enjoy the nature wildlife, and to see the Northern Lights. Well, we didn’t see the Northern Lights–too cloudy and no “solar flares”. Oh well. We did see this moose and some beautiful fall foliage. Chena Hot Springs was a really special experience. It was already cold, at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, in September, so we scuttled in our bathing suits to get into the natural hot springs and warm up. There were mountains nearby and always beautiful fall foliage for miles and miles. We would drive and go for two or three minutes without seeing another car pass. There was one neighboring town worth visiting…one…and then it was a 6 hour drive to the Anchorage. What? Night-time activities included: the movies, diners, and star-gazing. Also, I felt as though I was seeing things that very few other people on the planet had seen.

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