Stevie Wonder

So yesterday I took the bus to Atlantic City to see Stevie Wonder. I know. First half hour I was moved to tears by the talent, longevity, and love for his fans. Cried tears of joy through Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing. The rest was just fun. So the band was amazing, and Stevie’s voice was as clear and true as in his early career–if anything he’s gotten better, and certainly more prolific. He’s was funny too (“Are you ready to make your life a hate-free zone, where no bullshit can be near you?”). His back up singers were so strong, and he was very energetic throughout the whole performance. Something I had not seen anywhere was a harpejji, a flat guitar-like stringed instrument that you pick with your fingers, but you can draw a note out like on a guitar. He played John Lennon’s “Imagine” on that. I took a couple videos–check em out.

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