Just got back from my summer vacation..this time I decided to checkout Portland, Oregon. Hometown of my favoeite band, The Dandy Warhols, and the only major city I haven’t seen on the West Coast, my mission was to eat, explore, and look out for Dandies sightings. Air Bnb this time, I got a really great studio right in downtown Portland. So, a few things, it’s really clean there. The natural resources, most of which I ate, are amazing. I’m talking salmon salmon and berries that you wouldn’t believe. i tried all the inventive flavors of Salt & Straw ice cream, this is a must. I visited a wine bar that occupies part of The Dandy Warhol’s recording studio, clubhouse, eventspace extraordinaire, and even got to peak inside the main space (ack!). Despite lurking outside of the bar looking for the proprietor, lead singer Courtney Taylor, i did not have a Dandy sighting–ah well. I did sight some urban greenery, in the amazing and expansive Washington Park, as well as some amazing amazing houses (not a real estate junkie, they were just THAT nice). I did go to Multnomah Falls, just outside the city and along the gorge that the Columbia River flows through. I was sad to leave, but got some great photos. Check it out!

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