Curried Split Peas

So over Christmas I burned this recipe and it was the pits. But over New Year’s I got it right and I can’t stop making it. The best part–it’s cheap and healthy (and tasty!). Here are the broad strokes:
-Half a pound dried split peas. It’s half the bag. Do the quick soak method, and don’t forget to sort and rinse (Quick soak is to boil for 2 minutes in 3-4 cups water and then remove from heat and then let stand for an hour)
-Sautee half a medium white onion chopped and two minced garlic cloves with 4 shakes of salt in 2ish tablespoons olive oil until translucent
-Pour 2 cups water into the sautee pan to pick up some of the flavored oil
-Boil soaked beans in a pot with the onions, garlic and water
-Add 5 shakes of salt, about 3 shakes (this is more than the salt, as my curry powder has big holes in the container) curry powder, 4 shakes cumin, 4 shakes black pepper, 4 shakes red chili pepper, and a “little” (I have no idea) paprika), plus a 1 or 2 more tablespoons olive oil.
-Boil on medium heat for 35 minutes, stirring the bottom beans up top every 5 minutes, and adding more water when the beans look parched (the earlier the better, these can burn fast!)
-Eat as soup or serve over white rice (2 servings)

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