Wyoming 2016

Last week I took a trip to Wyoming. I had been planning to get away to the middle of nowhere for the better part of a year. I visited Yellowstone National Park, which looks like Dr. Seuss illustrations spliced into a forest due to the park’s location on an old volcano. 

I have never been much of an outdoors person, but I have to say you can’t be unimpressed by the natural beauty of that place. Mostly it was a hiking trip, although I did leave the park to check out the town of West Yellowstone, MT. Lots of cowboy boots, native american jewelry, gunranges, everything you would imagine of a tourist outpost in the Old West. 

I also visited Grand Teton National Park, which sits just below Yellowstone. It was great to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like a good nights sleep with no wifi, waking up to the birds chirping, and all kinds of (granola) bars. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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