List of Things that help me out on a bad day:

  • Poppable snacks: by this I mean things you can “pop” in your mouth without the added effort of cutting them into bite or chewing them too much. This included but is not limited to licorice bites, apple chips, crystalized ginger, blueberries, kettle corn, and sushi
  • A major motion picture: I’m talking Spielberg-grade mega million dollar box office hit: Scarface, E.T., The Godfather, Titanic, movies that make you feel the “magic”. They have to have big stars, cool sets, special effects, a good soundtrack, and a plot that doesn’t make you want to eat your own eyeballs.
  • a long, hot, bath
  • a long walk
  • a short run
  • spending money: This activity has a hugely relaxing effect on me. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but acquiring more stuff, whether it’s magazines, clothes, or barrettes that match my hair color, definitely relieves the stress.
  • The New York Aquarium at Coney Island: I like to take my ipod and watch the jellyfish for a while, but all the exhibits are cool.
  • Frozen treats: frozen yogurt, blended coffee drinks, slushies, they all work: as long as they’re frozen, they “chill” me out.
  • Cigarettes: I don’t engage in this activity any more, but damned if it doesn’t help.
  • Prayer & Meditation: Say hi to the big eye in the sky or hit “pause” for a few minutes.
  • Sportswear: Sweat pants, stretchy stuff, fleece, flannel, bring it on! I love it!

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